Agua Caliente Border Crossing


This is a border crossing shared with Guatemala.

Entering Honduras:


1. You’ll need to fill in an immigration form to receive your stamp. This entitles you to 90 days in Honduras. The fee for this is $3USD per person and may be paid in USD or Lempiras. Once you’ve visited the Migracion window and paid this fee your passport will be stamped and returned.

2. To temporarily import a vehicle you’ll need three copies EACH of:

1. Passport identity page

2. Drivers licence

3. Proof of ownership of vehicle

4. Page in passport with newly acquired tourist permit stamp

(Of course it’s possible to prepare all copies in advance except the last one.) You need to go to a photocopy place.

3. Once you have all the paperwork go back to Aduana and present all the documents. The cost for a temporary import is $40USD. You will receive all original documents back along with a temporary import certificate and a nice stamp in your passport with your vehicle’s details. Temporary import is valid for 90 days, same as the tourist permit.

4. Lastly, head out of the complex towards the police check area. There may be a Honduran police checkpoint asking you for documents; there may not be. There also occasionally are fumigation measures in place.

  • Listing categories Border Crossings
  • GPS Coordinates 14.535151, -89.279151
  • Immigration? Yes
  • Customs Yes